Find a First Name Using Your Birth Month

January – Ryan
February – Logan
March – Aaron
April – Mitchell
May – Jake
June – Jason
July – Michael
August – Rian
September – Aidan
October – Brandon
November – Dallas
December – Cam

Find a Last Name Using the Year
You Graduated from High School

2013 – Aaron
2014 – Logan
2015 – Ryan
2016 – Mitchell
2017 – Colton

Find Your ‘Thing’ Using Your Favorite Color

Yellow – Lip Syncing with a crazy face

Blue – Pranking your roommates

Green – Disguising sexual harassment as “pranking” women on the street

White – Blackface

Not Pink, Dude – That thing where they pour milk on the ground in grocery stores

Purple – Yelling slurs in department stores but calling it a “prank”

Orange – Further exhausting your long-suffering girlfriend with “pranks,” like fake breaking up with her

Grey – Lacrosse tricks

Find a Company to Do Branded Videos
for Using the Number of Subscribers You Have

50K – Barrilla
75K – Twizzlers
100K – StarKist Tuna
150K – The GOP
500K – Marriott Hotels
1 MILLION – American Airlines

Find the Scandal That Will Make You Untouchable to Brands
But Leave Your Fans as Committed as Ever
Using a Store You’re No Longer Allowed Inside

Albertson’s – Seducing an underaged fan

Macy’s – A sombrero, poncho, and moustache video for Cinco de Mayo

Walmart – A DUI

Target – Dogfighting

CVS – Partying too hard and bothering your neighbors

Restoration Hardware – Harboring a fugitive

Lady Footlocker – Looting during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration

Hallmark Store – Public urination

Sephora – Aging past 23