First person to go to space

First person to walk on the moon

First person to wait in the ship while other astronauts walked on the moon


Vice president

Former president (non-disgraced)

Decorated general

National hero

Local hero

Singer of “Anti-Hero”

Flew around the world (early 1900s)



World champion

Intercontinental champion

Local weatherman

National weatherman

Governor (local)

Musician with multiple hits

Musician with multiple hits, home runs, and stolen bases

Musician in the band Walking on the Moon

Won a Golden Globe

Nominated for a Golden Globe

Harlem Globetrotter

“World’s Greatest” title holder

“Guinness World Records” record holder

Former “Guinness World Records” record holder (non-disgraced)

Former player (Hall of Fame)

Former player (fan favorite / very popular)

Former player (cut yesterday)

Current player of another sport

Currently starring in a new movie

Currently starring in a new TV show

Former participant in Battle of the Network Stars (non-disgraced)

Won a beauty pageant

Came in second in a beauty pageant, but the winner was unable to fulfill their duties and responsibilities


Social media influencer

Mixed-media influencer

Governess (Victorian)

Won a local contest (skill-based)

Won a local contest (act of chance)

Won a local contest (act of God)

Washington General

President impersonator

Employee of the year

Employee of the month

Decorated General Dollar employee

Harlem Globe Salesman

“World’s Greatest Boss” mug holder

Class president (local high school)

Current player (figuratively, with the ladies)

Replaced a beloved character on a long-running TV show

Voted “Most Likely to Be Nominated for a Golden Globe” in their high school yearbook

Flew around the world (in the early 2000s)

Guinness drinker

Most recent person to go into space

“Knew a guy”