Interested: Whose car do you think is faster, yours or mine?

Not Interested: I have no idea.

Interested: Well, okay, what kind of car do you drive?

Not Interested: A 1988 Honda Accord.

Interested: That car is a big piece of shit!

Not Interested: That is what I can afford.

Interested: So, it is still a big piece of shit.

Not Interested: Well, it works.

Interested: Works like a big piece of shit works.

Not Interested: What does that even mean?

[Long pause.]

Interested: You know what kind of car I drive?

Not Interested: No.

Interested: A 1999 Ford Mustang. Ford, baby! Ford.

Not Interested: Is that a good car?

Interested: Damn right it’s a good car.

Not Interested: I see.

Interested: Does your car go fast?

Not Interested: It goes however fast I make it go. Generally around forty miles an hour I guess.

Interested: Fuck that! My car goes 140 miles per hour. 140, baby! 140. That is one hundred more than yours goes.

Not Interested: Right.

[Long pause.]

Interested: I am thinking about getting some nitrous.

Not Interested: Some what?

Interested: Make my Mustang go like forty miles per hour faster. If I want it to.

Interested: Do you drive many places at 180 miles per hour?

[Long pause.]

Interested: Who do you think is taller, you or me?

Not Interested: I really have no idea.

Interested: I bet I am taller than you.

Not Interested: You’re probably right.

Interested: You know how tall I am?

Not Interested: [Sighing] I don’t know, five-ten, five-eleven?

Interested: More like six-one. I’m six-one, baby! Six-one.

Not interested: Okay.

Interested: How tall are you?

Not Interested: Five-nine or so.

Interested: That is what I thought.

Not Interested: You thought I was five-nine?

Interested: I don’t know. All I know is I am three inches taller than you, baby.

Not Interested: Right.