Joke: Most people always cite Freud when they talk about sexuality, but I’m a Jung fellow myself when it comes to repression.

Act-out: The comedian represses a turgid phallus in their pants.

- - -

Joke: If phonocentrism is so important to phallogocentrism, then why aren’t guys getting their phalli stuck in more sound equipment?

Act-out: The comedian humps a speaker with their turgid phallus.

- - -

Joke: If all men have the Oedipal complex because they want to fornicate with their vaginal mothers, does that mean they also want to fornicate with the phallic mother, aka, me?

Act-out: The comedian is female and represses a turgid phallus in her pants.

- - -

Joke: Do you think the first time a boy saw his swollen member in the mirror he thought to himself, I don’t get what Lacan means about méconnaissance — I am perfect.

Act-out: The comedian gestures to the turgid phallus in their pants like it is a gift from God; the audience is very blessed.

- - -

Joke: If Derrida thinks a word doesn’t exist without context from both contemporary words and the individual word’s history and origins, then what would he say the historical relevance of Old English’s “rodd” would be to this?

Act-out: The comedian presents the outline of the turgid phallus in their pants.

- - -

Joke: Purchased commodities have become extensions of people’s minds and bodies? I don’t think so. My bottom line is au naturel.

Act-out: The comedian pantomimes the hyperbolic length of the turgid phallus they swear they have in their pants.

- - -

Joke: Let’s say sexual morality is culturally relative like Foucault believed, then in U.S. culture I could just—

Act-out: The comedian extracts the turgid phallus from their pants.