With apologies to Ms. Mitchell.

- - -

Rows and flows of Aryan hair
And tiki torches in the air
And neo-Nazis everywhere
I’ve looked at things that way

But then the left showed up to fight
They yell and scream and they incite
Many fine people are alt-right
The left got in their way

There’s blame to place on both sides now
Nazis and Dems are both somehow
At fault and share blame for the brawl
I hardly blame Nazis at all

Swastikas and white Klan sheets
Or counter protests in the streets
Who’s to say who should concede
Both sides should bear some blame

And now the Russians in Moscow
Their interference beat my foe,
Some claim collusion, I guess they know
Can’t give myself away

Interference, backdoor deals,
The dossier written by Steele
A pee tape that’s probably real
Some look at it that way

Our FBI says they attacked
But I still have Vlad Putin’s back
Since just the Democrats were hacked
I won’t get in their way

But I place the blame on both sides now
The Russians I won’t disavow
My own collusion I recall
I hardly blame Russia at all

I look at things from both sides now
The right and wrong, and still somehow
My own delusion can’t make the call
I don’t know anything at all