To Whom It May Concern,

As Director of College Counseling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it is my unique privilege and contractual duty to recommend Draco Malfoy for admission to your venerable institution. He is a keen and resourceful scholar-athlete with a steadfast allegiance to the wizarding tradition.

Hailing from Wiltshire, Draco is the youngest in a long line of Malfoys to grace our hallowed halls (his father Lucius, a philanthropist and war veteran, served on the Hogwarts Board of Governors). While he would willingly admit that being a Malfoy has its benefits, Draco has endured his share of adversity as well. While we welcome diverse perspectives into our classrooms, dormitories, and floating candlelit Great Hall, the Hogwarts student body is increasingly progressive. For an openly conservative student like Draco, being fully understood and appreciated by one’s peers can sometimes pose a challenge.

Draco is popular with his peers in Slytherin House. However, Draco’s efforts to make new friends “across the aisle” were often rebuffed. From the moment he met his new classmates aboard the Hogwarts Express, he was forever marked, as if he had a scar on his forehead. Unfortunately, he has suffered retribution at the hands of classmates (punched and hexed on multiple occasions), creatures (attacked by a hippogriff), even professors (transfigured into a ferret).

But rather than retreat into the shadows, Draco proudly embraces his position on the margins. He is fearless in classroom discussions, eager to play devil’s advocate. Whether in Potions, Herbology, or challenging other students to late-night duels, his spirited engagement motivates other students to bring their A-game, thus elevating the communal learning experience. His leadership and prowess extend to his extracurricular activities as quidditch seeker, Slytherin House prefect, member of the elite Inquisitorial Squad, and other, more ambitious pursuits. (Please note these pursuits, while technically impressive for his age, were not Hogwarts-approved activities.)

Some might say Draco is the living embodiment of the Campsite Rule, staunch in his commitment to leave Hogwarts a purer institution than he found it.

I would like to address the disciplinary infraction that appears on Draco’s record. In his sixth year, Draco attempted to assassinate Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore on multiple occasions. Admittedly, this is a serious matter. As Draco will detail in his application essay, Lucius Malfoy was sentenced to Azkaban prison the previous year. For Draco, losing his father at such a pivotal moment in his life was devastating. He grew despondent and, in a moment of vulnerability, fell under the influence of the Death Eaters gang. For his initiation, Draco was ordered to assassinate his headmaster (though, to clarify, he was not technically responsible for Dumbledore’s death). Because Draco was forthcoming about his actions and showed appropriate remorse, he remains in good standing at Hogwarts and is somehow still eligible to graduate this year. As a side note, his determination to fix a broken cabinet that acted as a portal for Death Eaters to enter Hogwarts, despite being technically against the rules, showed that he is both persistent and surprisingly handy.

A student like Draco Malfoy comes but once in a lifetime. In light of what he’s accomplished during his time at Hogwarts, I readily and freely offer him my maximum recommendation, and at no time has a member of the Malfoy family threatened to perform an unforgivable curse on me or my family if I did not do so.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. It is my understanding that Draco has already met with the Vice President for Major Gifts and the Head Varsity Quidditch Coach.

Very sincerely,
Juniper Silverthorne
Director of College Counseling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

UPDATE: Due to damage incurred during the Second Wizarding War, the Hogwarts Registrar’s Office has been decimated. As a result, there are significant delays in fulfilling transcript requests. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding at this time. These delays are through no fault of our students, especially Draco Malfoy.