Oh! Oh, man. Oh, DUDE! Do you remember that one time, we were sitting around — just chilling — and we remembered another time we were sitting around chilling but that time was in college? Like the memories we made man while remembering college. We did it right. We did it up. Do you…

Oh my god. Yeah! I remember that. We were totally right out of college like remembering college — like talking classes and how we weren’t talking classes anymore; or how we used to have professors but now we have bosses. Oh, those were the times!: Sitting in a room talking about other times!!

Hell yeah.

We sat in your apartment and just straight up remembered being in college: dorms, quad, professors, dates, dining hall, mascot, tuition, library. It was wild. We remembered all of it! It was totally crazy the way we had the recall of things that occurred in the past and went full in remembering — we remembered so much. And, um, yeah… maybe a little too wild, we maybe remembered a little too much on certain things; I don’t even know if we should talk about some of those nights where we did nothing but soak up the sweet nostalgia of the past instead of moving on with our lives because they were C-R-A-Z-Y… long, it lasted for hours.

But, yeah, we sat in your apartment for multiple hours (sometimes multiple nights in a row!) recalling experiences from college without ever discussing the actual details of what happened.

I’d say, “Remember Frenchy?”

You’d like, “UHHHHHH; yeah!”

Then we’d laugh.

Then I’d say, “Remember Big D, the D of the swamp?”

You’d be like, “UHHHHH! Of course!”


You’d be like: “UUUHHHH!!!! DUH!!!”

We laughed.

And then we sat in silence too.

Yeah, bro, I mean… it’s not like that anymore though. Straight up. Life got really real. I miss remembering college. I honestly do. I miss that tight-knit community of people who couldn’t move on from college after we graduated, man. I really like wish I could be the type of person who could still, as we did for multiple years, spend our time remembering another time. That was sick, bro. Those were sick experiences. Our arrested development was like, incredible. How can you even match it? Now, I’ve got a wife and kids and new experiences and I travel internationally and have seen all this incredible stuff. But like remembering college? That beats the pyramids. Sitting in an apartment, half-watching a documentary about coral reefs and recalling that someone puked freshman year? That’s what life is about. Obsessing about the collegiate experience for a whole four years after living it for four years? Hell yeah, dude: that’s that shit.

Oh, you know what I just remembered?

Let me throw this word at ya: BEER!

Yep, uh, dude: ALCOHOL!

How about this? SHOTS!

See if you can picture this? DRUGS!

We could remember doing all of those.

We used to just be wild man; we’d sit around, years later, name a random night in college and then everybody would say the exact numbers of beers or other alcoholic beverages they had that night and it was like, what? 10 beers!? We’d remember having like 10 beers!? Or like six shots, four beers, and then a puff of ol’ weed. We got so fucked up; just so fucked up. But we could remember it. Just messed up. Twisted, dude. Gnarled out. And we could recall it to say why we fell in a dumpster later in the evening. Remembering that was cool and not sad.

Yeah, when we sat around remembering what we did in college — we didn’t remember the grades. You know? I remember remembering the life lessons we learned. College truly prepared us to live a life afterward where we talked about being in college for like years. For like decades. Forever. Talking about being in college and remembering it and never doing anything else and, even without y’all around, I just sit and look, and I see the wall, and I think to myself, “college, college, college, college, college, college, college…”