Dear East High Students and Families,

As you prepare for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, we’d like to remind you of our East High Student Dress Code Policy. The purpose of our dress code is to clearly define acceptable student attire in order to promote an atmosphere conducive to learning. We’d like to draw special attention to the modifications that have recently been made to our policy regarding the wearing of face masks. Please note that our Student Handbook now includes the following amendments:

East High Student Face Mask Dress Code for Boys

  • Masks shall contain no vulgar language.

East High Student Face Mask Dress Code for Girls

  • Masks shall contain no vulgar language.
  • Masks should have straps which are NO THINNER than two finger widths. Absolutely no “spaghetti straps” or “strapless” masks are permitted.
  • The top of the mask should FULLY cover the bridge of the nose. Any exposed nose bridges are STRICTLY prohibited.
  • Bare chins or excessive neck are expressly forbidden. We require that NO MORE than 50% of the neck should be visible between the bottom of the mask and the top of the shirt. Neck length shall be measured from the midpoint of the young lady’s chin to the top of the sternum. When this measurement is divided by two, the permissible amount of exposed neck skin can easily be determined. If a teacher or administrator suspects that a mask is too skimpy, a quick estimation may be obtained by asking the young lady to bend her head down until her chin touches her chest. If skin touches skin, the mask will be deemed too revealing for our learning environment.
  • Mask material may NOT be see-through or sheer.
  • Denim masks are permitted, but there shall be no distressed denim, acid-wash denim, or stretchy denim.
  • The mask should fit well, yet not be form-fitting. ABSOLUTELY NO SPANDEX, LYCRA, “YOGA MASKS,” ETC. If the shape of the mouth is visible through the material of the mask, the mask is too tight.

If a student chooses to violate the guidelines laid out above, they will be escorted to the office. You may call home to request a change of mask or Mrs. Higgenbotham, our secretary, will provide you with a loose-fitting mask made from one of Coach Beeker’s old sweatshirts. Repeated Dress Code infractions may result in additional consequences in alignment with the district discipline code, including, but not limited to, suspension from school or daily mask compliance checks by East High staff.

Parents, please familiarize your student with these guidelines and reinforce our school norms at home. Dads, remind your young men that they are at school to learn and grow into great leaders. Moms, set a good example for your girls by wearing a modest mask that does not distract or draw unnecessary attention.

During these unprecedented times, our East High educators and administrators are working diligently to prepare for our students’ return. Fightin’ Badgers and Lady Badgers, we are counting on YOU to do your Badger Best to make it a great year. So remember every day to bring your mask and to bring your SMILE!

Dr. Lloyd Bellinger
East High Principal