Can I get a glass of water up in this motherfucker?
It’s hotter than the asphalt on East Compton
Boulevard in July up in this bitch. Starting to piss me off.
Hey, there goes Big D, me and him used to be homies.
He don’t look too good. Yo, D, it’s Eazy!
Oh, now he gotta act like he got an attitude.

D, you know I got love for the hood! What’s with the attitude?
Man, it’s hot as a motherfucker up in this motherfucker!
Gotta be a hundred and ten degrees, easy!
Where the hell am I, anyway? This isn’t Compton.
You still putting in work with the homies?
Me and you used to have the bitches’ drawers flying off.

What the fuck? Nigga, half your face is falling off!
I thought you wasn’t talking ‘cause you had an attitude!
Who did this to you? Some eses? I’ll call the homies.
Tell me his name, it’s 187 on that motherfucker.
They should know by now not to fuck with Compton.
Just tell me his name, this shit’ll be easy—

you can take Eazy out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of Eazy.
Yo, D, your face is fucked up. Don’t be wandering off.
I guess I gotta remind niggas about real G’s from Compton,
no thanks to fake-ass Dre and his Hollywood attitude.
Oh shit, D, is that the motherfucker
over there? He’s little but he’s rolling with his homies.

I don’t even have a strap, and it’s too late to call the homies.
There’s a whole gang of them. This isn’t going to be easy.
But I ain’t running from this little motherfucker.
With his tail and shit. Shit, I’ll rip his tail off
and yoke him up with it. That’ll change his attitude.
I’m ‘bout to show him how we do it on the streets of Compton.

Now there’s gangs who wear red all over Compton.
But this dude is red, and so are all his homies,
and his head is on fire, which is bound to give a nigga a fucked-up attitude.
But he don’t know what he’s doing fucking with Eazy.
Aw man, now he’s ripping my face off.
It hurts like a motherfucker.

I guess this fool ain’t letting Eazy off too easy
‘cause I taught the li’l homies ’bout gats, crack, and Compton.
Maybe if I demonstrate a positive attitude … My curl is on fire! Motherfucker!