Today, while we sweat through exit poll data and pundits’ punditry, we thought we’d revisit some of our favorite election-themed pieces. Happy voting!

- - -

Aesop’s Fables Teach Children the Art of Voter Suppression
by Andrew Golden

FAQ: Attracting Female Voters
by River Clegg

Election 20,012: Where the Candidates Stand on the Issues
by John Flowers

On the Campaign Trail: The Romney and Ryan Mystery Boys’ Series
by Abbey Reinhardt

I’m Afraid the Children Are Our Future
by John Moe

I Fail to See How Making Voting Rights Contingent On One’s Knowledge of Mad Men is Discriminatory
by Pete Reynolds

Mitt Romney Writes Erotic Fiction About Himself
by Wendy Molyneux

Barack Obama’s 2012 Undersold Campaign Slogans
by Nathaniel Lozier

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