1. “I knew I shouldn’t go/and get another tattoo/of you on my arm/but what do I go and do.”

2. “I wish I were dead/When she left, she wept.”

3. “A woman broke my heart/I say heart/she ripped it in two parts.”

4. “Thought we shared a covenant/I even held your hand in public.”

5. “No one writes a lyric on a battlefield/on a map stuck with arrows/but I think I can do it if I just lurk.”

6. “An ill-pulled tooth with a ragged edge/some words live in my throat.”

7. “Now only words in a rhyme/no more than a name/on a stone/and that well overgrown.”

8. “Sometimes it feels like the world’s almost over/but then she comes back to me.”

9. “All that time alone/kinda taught me how to cope/so I shaved my head/and made me a rope.”

- - -

Eminem Lyric: 1, 3, 4, 8
Lesbian Poetry: 2 (Sappho), 5 (Adrienne Rich), 6 (Audre Lorde), 7 (Carol Ann Duffy), 9 (Alix Olsen)