Oh man, there’s nothing like summer in the office! When the air conditioner buzzes on and frigid air chills me to my core, I know it’s somewhere between 70 and 109 outside. I don’t know for sure because I only am outside for two fifteen-minute intervals per day, once early in the morning and once after the sun goes down, but man, it sure looks hot out there!

And when it’s summer in the office, I get to break out all my favorite summer clothes: my lighter-weight wool pants, conservative button-up shirts with cap sleeves instead of long sleeves, and my sandals. Well, they are technically the same sensible pumps I wear from September through May, but during the summer months, I call them my sandals and BOY does it feel good.

But my summer wardrobe staple has to be my black cardigan. I think every girl can agree: nothing says summer in the office like a black cardigan. When I feel my black cardigan blowing behind me as I race from meeting to meeting, up and down the same bland halls that I have been trudging down for the past five years, I feel like a Native American princess! (I say that because Native Americans were downtrodden people and I feel like I have a lot in common with your Pocahontases of the world, emotionally speaking.)

The best part about summer in the office is the summer schedule! I work just as much as I do in the fall and winter, but it feels different. Cause everyone’s a-buzz about their weekend plans: coming in to work on Saturday, firing up the old desktop, and ordering Thai food to their desk.

Oh and in the summer, there are so many free summer concerts and movies in the park to miss! It’s summertime, baby!!

Everyone has their own favorite activities, but my girlfriends and I like to spend the summer months just lounging individually in our windowless cubicles, reading whatever pertains to the work we do, and staying at our desks until the sun goes down. It’s crazy!

OH! And don’t forget about the picnics! Please, don’t forget about the picnics. I almost did once. I was like, “Picnic… what is that, when everyone brings a dish to a party?” And my therapist was like “No, that’s a potluck. A picnic is eating in a park on a blanket.” And then she warned me that I was under too much stress and likely to have some kind of breakdown because I had lost word retrieval for anything not pertaining to my soulless corporate job. So please! Don’t forget about the picnics, people! It’s a really bad sign if you do!

Anyway, I’m just really glad it’s finally summertime in the office. Because I’m definitely ready for some fun in the sun! (“The Sun” is the name of the conference room on the east side of the office. It gets a lot of light, which makes it hard to do audio-visual presentations or to even read your laptop, so we have to keep the light-canceling blinds all the way closed.)