Episode 1

Laura is devastated to find her beloved dog dead in the barn. Charles brings home a stray named Bandit to curb his daughter’s pain, but Laura refuses to bond with the new dog. Meanwhile, the Walnut Grove townspeople have mixed reactions to the idea of welcoming an eccentric new woman into their community. Meanwhile, Caroline takes several baskets of strawberries to Starbucks and attempts to barter with them in exchange for a year’s supply of espresso beans. They offer her a month’s supply of Strawberries and Cream Frappuccinos instead. Dejected but not defeated, she takes the strawberries home and bakes a pie.

Episode 5
“The Wolves”

Laura and Andy come across an injured female wolf and her pups. When they bring them back to the Garveys’ barn, Jonathan reluctantly agrees to let them stay until Doc Baker nurses the mother back to health. As the town gradually finds out what’s going on, they are concerned that more wolves will show up, threatening their families and livestock. Meanwhile, on a family visit to Starbucks, Laura gets angry when a barista spells her name “Lora” on her grande Pike’s Place Roast, Carrie gets locked in the bathroom and Mary talks to Reverend Alden about coveting the new sinfully delicious Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake.

Episode 6
“The Creeper of Walnut Grove”

Laura and Andy are determined to find out who has been robbing the mercantile and stealing food from people. The “Garvey and Ingalls Detective Agency” is officially in business, but it ultimately causes more harm than good. Willie Oleson and the Tompkins boy surreptitiously smoke a pipe in the ice house and leave the ice house door open and all the ice melts. Subsequently, Starbucks puts a moratorium on Frappuccinos.

Episode 9
“The High Cost of Being Right”

Jonathan Garvey is convinced that he has a great crop coming up, but as he is celebrating with his family at the dinner table, a fateful fire burns their entire barn down. With all their plans destroyed, Alice has a plan to help them get back on their feet, but Jonathan’s pride threatens their marriage. Jonathan has a change of heart when their son Andrew gets a job as a barista and gets to take home the leftover scones and coffee cake muffins after his 3 – 11 shift. Meanwhile, Starbucks’ fall flavors are delayed when the stagecoach bringing the pumpkin spice syrup from Mankato goes down a cliff.

Episode 12
“Here Come The Brides”

Adam Simms and his son Luke move into town. Adam and Miss Beadle quickly fall in love, while Luke and Nellie develop a whirlwind romance of their own. Luke is a decent young man and very loyal to Nellie, but when Harriet does not approve of his “farm boy” status, the young couple makes secret plans to elope. Laura sells her beloved horse “Bunny” so she can buy Ma an espresso machine.

Episode 16
“I Remember, I Remember”

On the cold, rainy evening of his wedding anniversary, Charles is stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken wagon wheel. While Caroline and the girls wait at home—with a special celebration dinner all prepared—Caroline passes the time by reminiscing with her daughters about her youthful beginnings with Charles. The stories revolve around young Caroline’s efforts to woo the socially inept Charles, who initially didn’t know quite how to express his romantic feelings. Meanwhile, Doc Baker has to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Lars Hanson when he chokes on a chocolate covered espresso bean.

Episode 18
“The Inheritance”

Charles inherits the entire estate of a wealthy uncle. Within 24 hours, the Ingallses, who are seemingly rich, suddenly become Harriet Oleson’s best pals. They are pressured to make various contributions throughout the community, and they even receive newspaper article offers to chronicle this tremendous change in their lives. Things get even worse when this newfound fortune threatens the family’s relationships with their real friends. Meanwhile, Nellie Oleson, to avenge a barista who broke Nellie’s doll, replaces the cinnamon at the Starbucks condiments bar with cayenne pepper while Mr. Edwards finally accepts the idea that coffee can be iced.

Episode 22
“I’ll Be Waving As You Drive Away”

Charles brings a sullen Mary to Iowa so that she can study at a school for the blind. In Walnut Grove, financial crisis has come upon the town. The Ingalls and the Olesons and other families are preparing for the possibility that they will have to start a new life elsewhere. Laura and Andrew Garvey visit Starbucks for one last communal Frappy Hour. They ask for extra java chips on their java chip blended Frappuccino and are dismayed to discover the java chip crop was destroyed by locusts.