To think that such a magnificent building was completed in ten months!

These hairpins look nice but won’t last.

We must go all out for the coming Olympic Games.

With scientific management, the factory has taken on a completely new look.

A man does not easily shed tears until his heart is broken.

It’s really heartrending to see such fine crops damaged by the hailstorm.

Folks, the Eighth Route Army is back with us again!

The peach tree is wormy.

As we are all fellow townsmen, there’s nothing you can’t bring before us.

This kerchief doesn’t suit a person of your age.

Cadres of the Commerce Bureau often go to shops to serve behind the counter.

Though the essays of the late Ming Dynasty are rather decadent, they are not entirely devoted to the wind and the moon.

The more truth is debated, the clearer it becomes.

All the rifles have bayonets fixed on them.

Who would have thought that they could turn a barren hill into an orchard?

Everything is taken care of by specially assigned people.

You young people don’t know what it was like to slave away as a child labourer.

Since you insist, I’ll make a fool of myself and sing.