The Feminine Mystique

This essay, largely credited with igniting second-wave feminism, is an absolute staple for any serious dieter. It’s not only high in fiber, but its smoky flavor makes you feel like you’re indulging in a decadent treat — guilt free! Keep it around for days when you feel like you just need to treat yo’ self.

A Room of One’s Own

Virginia Woolf’s classic essay about the need for women to endow themselves and their daughters with independence and opportunity is a fantastic addition to any weight loss program. It will also help keep nighttime cravings low and your metabolism WAY up.

The Color Purple

This complex and moving novel about a journey to self-love is a must have for any woman trying to shed those last five pounds. You’ll feel so good when you finally do.

The Bell Jar

This exploration on the emptiness of conventional expectations is awesome for losing weight. Diet expert Mo Zazzle says, “Incorporating it into a low-carb diet will work wonders in expediting your weight-loss goals — expect to look great."

The Beauty Myth

Naomi Wolf’s influential book about the ways in which images of beauty are used against woman is ah-mazing for getting rid of any pesky bloating or water weight — especially before big events. Mo Zazzle says she ate nothing but pages from the The Beauty Myth along with tons of water for 72 hours before her sister’s wedding, and slid into her bridesmaids dress on the big day.