App Tappers: Are You Ready to Tap?

Have you joined the mobile gaming zeitgeist? Love to swipe and tap? If you’re like me and you find it relaxing to swipe and tap your tablet app, then check out The Tappers’ App.
It has a deceptively simple premise and deliciously addictive game play. Over fifty trillion taps per lap! Just read our 5-star reviews:

“I love to play tap apps. Better than a good nap!”
– AppTappingGrandpap

“I’m a big fan of app tappers, and this one taps into exactly what hardcore tappers want when they tap an app.”
– Loves2Tap

“World-class tapper! Perfect for trains, planes, waits, and dates. Believe the yap!”
– Taps2Live

How Does App Tapping Work?

The goal is simple! Just tap your mobile device to zap all the caps and advance your little trapper chap through the happy jungle path. Every time you tap, you flap the chap’s whip snaps to collect valuable tap-caps. Three quick snaps will unleash a rapid flap attack! At the end of each lap, if you tap all the tap-caps and avoid all the traps, your happy little chap gets to take a nap in the shimmering crystal bath!

Sound simple? It isn’t.

With newly added paths The Tappers’ App provides hours of endlessly challenging maps. But watch out for those gaps — they’ll set you back a lap!1

The Tappers’ App does to tap addicts what crack does to crack addicts! When you play The Tapper’s App, all the taps are in your hands! Are your fingertips tired from endless tapping? No worries! Just connect The Tappers’ App to Google Maps and let the app track your nap! Get where you’re going and nap while you’re napping!2

Do you have what it takes to tap the app? Take a quick lesson from our all-time top scorer, MrTapContender2:

“I’ve played them all, and this little tapper is the best! It’s the perfect way to zap all that annoying free time between tasks, and while there is in-app purchasing, it doesn’t take a genius to avoid tapping your bank account.

“So The Tappers’ App is your typical app tapper where you execute quick tap-attacks to zap all the little tap-caps. You just have to watch out because if you tap a gap, yup, you guessed it, you lose a lap. Now, there are pop-up ads every few laps, and some of them ask you to give the app a small tip, but you don’t have to tip, just tap the X-tab instead. So here you have to be quick, because the X-tab looks sort of like a gap, and the tip-tab looks just like a big tap-cap. If you’re not careful, you can end up tapping the tip-tab and tipping the app. It’s a small tip, maybe ten cents to about two-hundred taps — but yeah, tips can add up. I tend to clock about twenty trillion taps per crap.

“That may sound like a lot of tips… but it’s even more taps!

And if I had it all to do over — which probably will if I smash my Note6 one more time – I wouldn’t take back one tip or a single rapid flap attack. No, I do not regret even one single tap.”

Developed by the folks at Wire Squire,3 download the world’s best-selling Tappers’ App today — 100% FREE!4

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1 WARNING: to prevent rage-induced tablet-smashing, all players MUST purchase our patented gadget-wrapping App Strap.

2 The Tappers’ App will NOT disturb your nap. While you nap, the little trapper chap will happily scratch his cap for up to three average naps, and you will lose no less than two laps.

3 Recently acquired by Buyer Fire.

4 Credit card required.