To begin using our app, enter your location, your time frame, and your husband’s level of wokeness. We promise not to share any of this information, though it’s probably all online anyway. Based on the data collected, we will recommend the ideal Daughter to match your husband’s needs.

There are currently three Daughter models available. Please read the descriptions carefully so you can select the Daughter most capable of fixing your husband’s deep personal flaws.

Daughter 1 – Sharon

Sharon is in second grade, where she deals with boys who not only tease her for being bossy, but also prevent her from playing kickball because she’s a girl. This has already made Sharon unsure whether she likes sports and doubt herself in the classroom, where she hesitates to raise her hand even when she knows the answer to a question.

Expected Effect: Seeing Daddy’s little girl experience sexism at such a young age will devastate your husband. Up until now, he has never once contemplated what life is like from a woman’s perspective, and thanks to Sharon’s school troubles, he will extrapolate that girls are taught to fundamentally take up less space as a result of societal pressures despite being intelligent and capable.

Daughter 2 – Mallory

13-year-old Mallory is already feeling pressure to wear makeup and dress promiscuously so as to please boys. She also recently set up her first social media account, but soon had to make it private because strangers and bots harassed her.

Expected Effect: Mallory will shock your husband, who did not know the extent to which women are objectified and told to look nice if they want to be seen. He will be disgusted by how these gender-specific societal burdens are placed on the impressionable shoulders of a young preteen. Your husband will also believe that his sweet Daughter is beautiful just as she is, and begin to question the ulterior motives of the make-up industry.

Daughter 3 – Darla

Darla is 18 and looking for a part-time job, but unable to land one because the interviewers can’t stand her shrill voice. They think her experience is lacking, her appearance is distracting, and her emotions are too emotional. Fun twist: Darla is about to be a college student who’s worried that boys will drug or assault her at parties.

Expected Effect: Your husband will learn how women are underpaid and underestimated. He will experience growing fear about his girl going to college (they grow up so fast!) where she may be attacked by a man who sees her as only a body. Eventually, your husband will finally stop rolling his eyes at the #MeToo movement and start to actively support it.

Note: You may rent more than one Daughter as a time, as men can be incredibly oblivious and require more than one woman to recognize them as humans. The renting costs are 78% cheaper than our services on the sibling Rent-A-Son app, which is for men who want their home to be a safe space for masculinity.

If for some reason the Daughter proves unsuccessful in turning your husband from a misogynistic pig to a normal, functioning human, we will refund you immediately. We are aware that the responsibility of this mental transition belongs entirely to the Daughter and not your husband.