Dear Mummy and Daddy:

Camp is fun and I’m eating a lot of candy!!! Kevin today caught a frog and it climbed into his shirt!


Dear Todd:

Mummy and I are getting a divorce. Will give you specifics when you come home. Tell Kevin’s frog we say hi!

Mummy and Daddy

- - -

Dad and Mom:

Yesterday I went swimming for six hours and when I got out of the water I was all wrinkly!!! Zach my bunkmate threw up after eating a whole pizza. Before lights out yesterday we all sang “101 Bottles of Beer.” I fell asleep before it was done!


Dear Chris:

It’s funny you should mention “throwing up” and “beer,” sweetheart. Mommy won’t be visiting this weekend. Do you like this special hospital stationery? Don’t get too wrinkly now or you’ll turn into a prune!


- - -

Dear Mom:

Yesterday wait two days ago I got into the best adventure in my entire life! We started off running to the springs where we ran around and around and ate lunch. And then I climbed a tree and then I killed a bug with my shoe and then we went back and had dinner. I won the skit contest. It was the best day of my entire life! I will never ever ever ever ever forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Return to sender; no forwarding address.

- - -

Dear Mom n Dad!

4got to send U a letter bee-4. R U having as much fun as eye am having? Wink.


P.S. Do U get it?


UR brother is dead. He 4got to put on his motorcycle helm8. C U very soon, K8y!

Mom and Dad

P.S. Of course we get it. Why wouldn’t we? The joke was obvious, really.