The Omega generation is helpless with technology; they can’t even update their own brainplugs.

Never Silents eat their protein sludge with spoons, like dorks.

The Orb-Touched only have halfway-evolved gills, and yet they keep gentrifying New Atlantis. Now all the mom & pop ambergris co-ops are being destroyed to make room for more oxygen pods.

The Post-Purge generation is full of nihilists who doubt the Orb.

The Irradiated love to congratulate themselves on being “progressive,” just because they vote for the Stop Sacrificing Humans to the Orb Party. If that could actually change anything, the Orb wouldn’t allow it.

The Groaning can’t find their own bomb craters to huddle in. They’re still huddling in their parents’ bomb craters.

Mulligans are so whiny, always complaining about how “nothing is left but ashes.” They would never have lasted a day during The Great Scorchening.

The Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen’nk generation is too lazy to work in the protein sludge mills. They think they’re entitled to breaks every ten hours — giving scavengers the opportunity to come for our sludge!

The [Rude Noise] are self-obsessed, always using their brainplugs to transmit bink-binks of themselves. When brainplugs should be used only for receiving commands from the Orb.

Omega 2.0 won’t shut up about which Sacrificial Pile they’d be sorted into.