Generation Z is killing social media.

Generation Luddite is killing the scientific method.

Generation Jubilee is killing handmaidenry.

Generation Trumpicus is killing the brain monitoring chip.

Generation Antifa is killing the anarchic collective.

Generation Unity is killing homo sapiens sapiens.

Generation Ultima is killing the bionic modification industry.

Generation Enterprise is killing faster-than-light travel.

Generation Contact is killing the Blorkulan peace treaty.

Generation Blorkulus is killing obedience collars.

Generation Exodus is killing alien fusion power safety regulations.

Generation Omega is killing the anti-cannibal wall.

Generation Survive is killing nomadic hunting and gathering.

Generation Prometheus is killing the stone tool industry.

Generation Rebirth is killing human sacrifice to appease whatever has eaten the Sun.

Generation Aquarius is killing flat-Earth theory.

Generation Awakening is killing telling children that babies come from a benevolent witch who delivers them when we’re all asleep.

Generation Reason is killing the generation of electricity by using a carrot on a stick to lead horses on a conveyor belt that is hooked up to a generator.

Generation Futurus is killing talking through two cans connected by a taut string.

Generation One is killing the unity of all that exists.

Generation Alpha is killing social media.