Note: This is the sequel to this list.

- - -

I Have Absolutely Nothing to Contribute to This Conversation Face

That Is Not Going to Accomplish What You Think It Is Going to Accomplish Face

That’s Awfully Convenient, Isn’t It Face

You Are So Not Dealing Face

Wow, We Are Actually Seriously Really Talking About the Weather Face

My Failure to Agree with You Is Not My Failure to Understand You Face

Please Feel Free to Totally Waste My Time Face

Thank You So Much for Proving My Point Face

I Would Consider Reconsidering That Face

What You’re Saying Is Called “False Consciousness” Face

What You’re Saying Is Called “Internalized Misogyny” Face

What You’re Saying Is Called “Projecting” Face

Do You Always Bark Orders at People Face

Please Don’t Feel Obligated to Talk to Me Face

I Hate the Joke You Just Told Face

When I Say I Live Alone That Does Indeed Mean All By Myself with No One Else Face

This Is Me Hiding My Disdain for You Face

That’s Actually Not What Shakespeare Is All About at All Face

I’m Waiting for You to Ask Me a Single Thing About Myself Face

I Would Really Suggest Not Doing That Face

I’m Thinking About How to Feel About This Face

I Can See You So Clearly Right Now and It Must Be Because of That Glass House You Are In Face

A Smidge of Emotional Honesty Would Not Go Amiss Face

All Evidence to the Contrary Face

There Is No Such Thing As Reading Too Much Into Something Face

That Statistic You Just Cited Is Not Real Face

I Suspect You Are Not the Least Bit Accustomed to Criticism Face

Your Outrage Is Boring to Me Face

Is This Meeting Over Yet Face

Buying a Different Edition of a Book Is So Not Buying the Same Book Face

I Need a Cocktail and Possibly Three Face

I’m Not to Tally Convinced That Having Short Hair as a Woman Makes You Brave Face

I’m Clearly Failing to Reflect Back to You Your Sense of Your Own Importance Face

How Can This Email Be So Long and Say So Little Face

I Already Said That Face

You Already Said That Face

I’m Only Surviving This Social Situation by Comparing It to Something in Jane Austen in My Head Face

You Patently Resent Having to Take Me Seriously Face

I Have Had a Worrisome Quantity of Iced Tea So Do Not Mess with Me Face

Yes I Got Your Email Because That Is How Email Works Face

I Don’t Want to Have Anything to Do with That Face

I’m Perfectly Fine Sitting Here Alone and That Was Actually the Goal Face

I Would Strongly Suggest That You Stop Talking Face

Absolutely Not Not Even Maybe Face

Please Stop Touching My Arm Face

I Already Know Everything You Just Said Because We Have Read All the Same Books Face

What You’re Doing Is So Not What You Think You’re Doing Face

If You Interrupt Me Again I Will Chop Off Your Head Face

Spare Me the Paternalistic Concern Face

Your Complacency Is a Marvel Face

I Have to Go to a Child’s Birthday Party Face

No I Don’t Think I Will Explain What the Point of Poetry Is to Your Face

Your Defensiveness Is Boring to Me Face

Please Don’t Feel Obligated to Like Me Face

I’m Electing Not to Respond to That Face

I Wonder If This Is a Good Time to Excuse Myself Face

Okay I Am Excusing Myself Face