JCSaviour (12:22:32): Hi dad
PrimeMover22 (12:22:47): hi
JCSaviour (12:23:01): can I ask you a question
PrimeMover22 (12:23:04): ok
JCSaviour (12:23:17): when can I come out of this cave
PrimeMover22 (12:23:36): oh shit
PrimeMover22 (12:23:41): are you stil in there
JCSaviour (12:23:58): yea for almost 3 days now
PrimeMover22 (12:24:01): brb
JCSaviour (12:24:03): ok
PrimeMover22 (12:31:14): sorry
JCSaviour (12:31:16): its ok
PrimeMover22 (12:31:32): I thought I told you you only had to stay for a day ro so
JCSaviour (12:31:49): no I think I would remember that! :-)
PrimeMover22 (12:31:52): lol
PrimeMover22 (12:32:33): um, you can leave. Sorry bout that
JCSaviour (12:32:37): ok cool
JCSaviour (12:33:00): hey dad?
PrimeMover22 (12:33:07): what
JCSaviour (12:33:33): what was the point of all this again
JCSaviour (12:36:42): hello?
PrimeMover22 (12:39:16): sorry phone call
JCSaviour (12:39:18): its ok
JCSaviour (12:39:25): was it important
PrimeMover22 (12:39:25): so anyway the point was
PrimeMover22 (12:39:29): nah
JCSaviour (12:39:34): yes?
PrimeMover22 (12:39:35): some conflict ;)
PrimeMover22 (12:39:43): it was to save humanity
JCSaviour (12:39:50): the conflict was to save humanity?
PrimeMover22 (12:40:05): no that was the point
PrimeMover22 (12:40:13): of you going down to warth
PrimeMover22 (12:40:16): earth
JCSaviour (12:40:23): oh does it work
PrimeMover22 (12:41:32): yeah
JCSaviour (12:41:41): why did it take you so long to answer
PrimeMover22 (12:41:44): it didn;t
JCSaviour (12:42:00): oh
PrimeMover22 (12:42:15): hey
JCSaviour (12:42:30): yes?
PrimeMover22 (12:42:30): after you come back for a while
PrimeMover22 (12:42:47): you think you might want to go back down there again?
JCSaviour (12:43:00): what for, I thoguht I already saced them
JCSaviour (12:43:03): saved
PrimeMover22 (12:43:14): yeah I thought just for funy you know
PrimeMover22 (12:43:22): old times sake
JCSaviour (12:43:26): no way!
JCSaviour (12:43:33): it sux down here
PrimeMover22 (12:43:41): yeah
PrimeMover22 (12:43:55): ok
PrimeMover22 (12:44:00): well
JCSaviour (12:44:12): ok well…i will see you soon then ok?
PrimeMover22 (12:44:15): ok
JCSaviour (12:44:17): bye
PrimeMover22 (12:44:18): later