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Hearts and Haggadahs

When a fire in Annabel’s glamorous city highrise destroys her family collection of Maxwell House Haggadahs, she sets out to find a suitable replacement. Her search brings her to the small-town coffee shop Get Thee to a Beannery run by Saul, a grump with a heart of espresso. Despite his initial resistance, things begin to brew between them, and Saul considers pouring his resources into sponsoring a new line of Haggadahs. Will they be the perfect blend of big-city java and small-town roast, or will this budding partnership grind to a halt?

Matzo Mayhem

Unable to travel home for Passover, college student Adam decides to throw together a seder for his dormmates. Unsure if anyone will come, he makes colorful posters advertising “free food and four cups of wine” and displays them around the residence halls. Before he knows it, Adam is hosting a rager, complete with Manischewitz shots, intoxicated masses bellowing Dayeinu (even when it was enough), and matzo ball pong destroying the carpet. He frantically texts his crush Elijah to break things up. (Elijah has an authoritatively deep voice, broad shoulders, and biceps made for crowd control.) But will Adam survive the kosher kegger while waiting for Elijah?

The Substitute Seder Date

When Leah’s corporate work retreat is canceled, she no longer has an excuse to miss her giant family seder. What was supposed to be a weekend of high thread-count hotel sheets and networking begins to feel like the eleventh plague. Her boyfriend Oren just “quiet quit” their relationship, and she dreads being asked when she’ll finally provide some grandchildren. While at Yussels shopping for a kitschy hostess gift, she panics. She turns to the manager and begs him to pretend to be her doting boyfriend for the night. As they lean into their white lie, Leah learns why this man is different from all other men, and they discover they just might share more than a love for overpriced Judaica.

Love & Other Plagues

Strange things have been happening in the village of Dayenuvia on the day of the annual Pyramid Festival. Party planner Miri tries to rein in the chaos, but frogs keep falling from the sky, the sun refuses to rise, swarms of insects descend on the food, and wild beasts emerge out of nowhere and trample the makeshift pyramids in the town square. When Miri enlists the help of local builder Yonatan to help fix the pyramids in time for the party, his late arrival, smarmy attitude, and lack of community spirit make her see red. But Yonatan has a few last-minute tricks up his sleeve to make sure everyone can go to the festival. Will Miri fall for this pyramid-schemer, or will their different work styles part them like the Red Sea?

Thou Shalt Love

Jayme is a recent rabbinical school dropout and reformed party girl who moves to a quiet neighborhood for a fresh start. As part of her reformation, she makes a list of personal commandments to keep herself on the straight and narrow. But when she falls for a hunky bartender at the Golden Calf, she finds being good is a bitter herb to swallow.

Pop the Four Questions

Chef and macaroon baker Tali has been waiting years for her girlfriend, high-powered banker Rebecca, to propose. They’ve spent seven Passovers together, and still… no ring. When a gorgeous stranger with a sweet tooth shows up at her Pesach Patisserie Pop-Up, Tali is forced to reckon with four questions of her own: Is Rebecca the right person for her? Can true love strike not once, but twice? What’s the deal with haroseth? And could there be other gefilte fish in the sea?

Salt Water Tears of Joy

Abigail’s boyfriend Geoff surprises her with a beach vacation for her birthday, but everything flops. Her family is furious she’s missing Passover, and Geoff won’t stop singing “Frogs Here, Frogs There,” the one Passover song he knows, in a way that quickly loses its charm. Worst of all, her birthday cake isn’t kosher for Passover. During a tearful dip in the Atlantic, Abigail is stunned to backstroke into her first love, Jacob H. from Camp Shalom. As Abigail spends time reacquainting herself with her camp memories and childhood crush, she is torn between her ribbiting beau and her pareve past.

Unleavened Love

Big-city magazine writer Jessie is on the cusp of a promotion when her brother is busted for coveting thy neighbor’s Tesla a bit too much. She relocates to her hometown after years away to care for her two young nieces. Jessie tries to do everything right and even agrees to help plan Temple Sinai’s Hebrew School Seder. But the seder is quickly derailed when nobody can find the other half of the afikomen. As the minutes tick by and the children begin to lose interest, her desperation grows. But when hot single dad Ari steps up to spearhead a search party, Jessie wonders if she’s found the Afiko-Man of her dreams.