The mammary glands of the female Harvard
Student are heavy already and swollen
As the subject’s body prepares to make milk
That will serve to nourish both subjects’ baby,
If male and female subjects are “Blessed by God”
As they say they are. Subjects used to smoke

Cigarettes but, reluctantly, do not smoke Since confirming pregnancy at the Harvard University Health Center (and thank God For that). Female subject has complaints: Swollen Breasts hurt; urinates frequently; wants baby Photographed in utero. Male asks, "Is breast milk The way to go?" Female has read up on milk (And SIDS), and states that both subjects "Will not smoke Or drink for at least six months after baby Is born." Female worries about her Harvard Graduation, realizing her swollen Stomach will show through her gown "Like some God Awful after-school special on the God Channel." Male subject again asks about milk Production: “How long will her breasts be swollen?” Is curious: how long until he can smoke? Subjects ask if the insurance at Harvard University will pay for a baby To be born. It does pay, but subjects’ baby Won’t be born in time. Subjects laugh, "At least, God Willing, baby will graduate from Harvard." Female stares at her shirt; fidgets with breast milk Pamphlets. Male subject slyly pretends to smoke, Inhaling until his cheeks are red, swollen With air, then, exhaling slowly, his swollen Cheeks empty. Male subject spots posters: Baby At different phases of gestation, "Don’t Smoke, Mom," one poster says. Male eerily says, "God Seems more real" (it’s normal: babies are fragile); milk Is his next concern. Female’s shirt says “Harvard.” As if puffed with smoke, the male’s cheeks are swollen Until, under the Harvard shirt, they hear baby, A small pulse as big as God and as real as milk.