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Our nation is undergoing seismic shifts in its government, economy, and culture — shifts that could prove to be disastrous. Enough is enough. It’s time for a groundswell of democratic fervor from the American people. It’s time to stop watching the world burn and doing nothing at all.

So won’t you quickly scan over this fundraising email before deleting it?

Friend, we know you get a lot of these email blasts. And we know you signed up for most of them in a panic immediately after the 2016 election. But we here at EMAIL PAC are different, because we know that passively receiving these emails is literally the only thing making you feel like you’re participating in democracy.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that you not report us as spam.

The modern American system can really make people feel powerless: the Electoral College renders your vote meaningless, corporate campaign donations have kept important issues off the table. So, with nothing else available, just being on this email server is democracy.

To the analysts here at EMAIL PAC, you are more than just a data point — you are a democracy receptacle! And to us, this is more than a movement. This is a movement that’s so big that it doesn’t even need to move at all to make its point clear, whatever that point is.

Can you…

Pretend to Consider Donating $5 right now?

For years, our country was filled with millions of people who would simply delete fundraising emails without even opening them — or worse: unsubscribing completely. But if our last election showed us anything, it showed us that seeing these emails in your inbox is a great way to alleviate the guilt you feel about watching our democracy rust and crumble away.

You inspire us, [First Name Here]. Your commitment to democracy is something you simply can’t put a price tag on, at least not until two years from now when we will sell this email list to another campaign for millions of dollars.

You know that EMAIL PAC has your back from reading our emails like “He’s done it again…” or “Something you can do right now.” These modern-day Thomas Paine pamphlets have elevated the mundane act of clicking to a powerful statement — or at least, the one thing you do on a daily basis.

So take action now by signing up to passively receive additional email blasts.

There’s so much at stake.

Yours in democracy,

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