L. Frank Baum
For sale: baby slippers (tornado damage).

Anne Rice
Purchased: Vampire baby shoes, eternally worn.

Kevin Kwan
Selling: Couture baby shoes; withering disapproval.

Elin Hildebrand
Baby beach shoes, worn on Nantucket!

Stephen King
Selling baby clown shoes — sewer-worn.

Gillian Flynn
Selling shoes, baby gone… (is she?)

Salman Rushdie
Babies in shoes, leading the way.

Beatrix Potter
For sale: baby hedgehog shoes. Pity.

Neil Gaiman
Baby shoes: contact the Other Mother.

Lee Child
Lost baby? Jack Reacher’s headed in!

Dorothy Parker
Darling baby shoes. Baby sold separately.

James Joyce
Damnable infantile galosh, escrowed, wholly unshopsoiled.

Toni Morrison
Available: Tragically haunting, ghostly baby shoes.

Ann M. Martin
We pluckily handle baby shoe problems!

George Orwell
Free! Plusgood shoes: monitor baby thoughts.

Oscar Wilde
Unsold baby shoes are true camp.

Octavia Butler
Baby shoe-sale, via spontaneous time-travel.

Jules Verne
Egad! Baby shoes under the sea!

James Baldwin
Baby shoes: not an available option.

e.e. cummings
A baby shoe…


Margaret Atwood
Unbaby shoes. 50 tokens. Praise be!

George R.R. Martin
Tyrion Lannister gazed upon a pair of babe’s boots at the market in Fleabottom. “Boots for a babe. Never worn. One Golden Dragon.” Tyrion grinned slyly. They were pathetic little things — not unlike myself, Tyrion thought. The babe’s boots had certainly been worn before by many babes. Babes who suckled at their mother’s teat. So many babes, so many teats. Tyrion smiled at the thought – he hadn’t been with a woman in so long. But his mind immediately went back to the boots, which were so worn that Tyrion wondered if the first babe to wear them survived the Doom of Valyria and sailed all the way to Westeros in them, passing them along to generations of babes. That’s a good story, Tyrion thought. Tyrion bought the booties and went to the docks to stare at turtles for the next nine hours.

C.S. Lewis
This baby shoe is, metaphorically, Jesus.