Assume your audience has the same deep knowledge of local landmarks and geography as you.

Deny the existence of digital mapping technology.

Ask your audience whether they’re “looking to take Route 24,” as if they know what you’re talking about.

Be reminded of a story about your friend Gary who lives “up by the old Frigidaire depot.”

On second thought, tell your audience they should take Route 9 instead because you saw “some jokers racing crotch rockets on Route 24 the other day.”

Notice your audience’s tires “could use a little air.”

Point out that back roads are usually your safer bet.

Ask your audience whether they know any Cadillac dealerships from your youth.

Ask whether your audience is getting regular oil changes.

Tell them about Donny from your high school who wrapped his Corvair around a huge oak over by the American Legion.

Mention the extra oil filters you have lying around that happen to be an exact fit for your audience’s vehicle.

Ask whether your audience likes it up there in the city.

Insist on changing your audience’s oil.

Remind your audience that lake traffic will be a pain in the ass, and it’ll probably be easier to just stick around for dinner and wait until morning.

Tell your audience that their mother is making a whole roast chicken.