On your first day, smack your new creative director hard across the face. The only respect you’ll get at an ad agency is the respect you take.

At most ad agencies, there are constant altercations between the account executives and the creatives. You’ll never make it through without a crew.

Start planning your escape as soon as you arrive. Getting out takes time.

At an ad agency, La Croix is currency. Bartering in La Croix can make you friends, get deadlines extended, and even earn you special treatment from the C-Suite.

Never forget your pad of paper and ballpoint shiv.

The last thing any client wants is to produce your work, but don’t let that discourage you. If you stay focused day in and day out, eventually you might see your ideas manifest as website banners for upwards of three weeks.

Snitches don’t get pitches. If you want to work on new business, don’t rat on your coworkers.

Most stints at any single ad agency only last one to three years. Watch out for the lifers — they’ve got nothing to lose.

The sooner you learn how to brew coffee in the toilet, the better.

Even as a writer, remember to think visually. People hate reading. They hate it.

Hide your emotions, especially when you think you have a moment to relax. Resource managers will jump your schedule at any sign of weakness.

Always get your partner’s back. You’ll need someone in your corner when your weekend is unexpectedly assaulted.

Choose your words carefully. Your career depends on it.