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Worms, man. I was digging in my backyard and I struck worms, man. They shot up at least ten feet and sprayed everywhere like the ground was puking worms. I knew right then, I said, “that’s money.” I knew people were going to lose their minds about my worms. Everyone needs worms — fishermen, farmers, worm enthusiasts, everyone. And I’ve got top shelf worms, man. I keep a ziplock baggie of worms on my car’s dashboard. I always have at least six worms in my wallet. You gotta have samples at all times because you never know when you’ll meet a fisherman. Or a farmer. And that’s when you whip out your worms and hope they haven’t died yet and if they haven’t then, man, you’re money. Worms are money, man. Legit money. You ever Scrooge McDuck, man? I Scrooge McDuck in my worms all the time.