I feel for the Yosemites and Grand Canyons of the world, I really do. But for me, Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park, my time is now.

Sure, the oft-sung about “purple mountain majesties” do not refer to me. John Muir was never overwhelmed by my natural beauty. My 14,000 some-odd acres pale in comparison to the two million-plus (!) of a behemoth like Yellowstone.

But you know what I’ve got over the big boys? I’m open.

And here’s what I have to offer: 79 campsites. Hiking trails. Beaches. Picnic areas. Scenic areas. A nature center with environmental exhibits. I’ve got it all, baby.

Feel like an early autumn paddle in a canoe? I’ve got two lakes and four ponds.

You wanna hunt or fish? Just make sure you get a permit first.

And get this: I’m just under 70 miles from Park Slope.

My trails are groomed. My waters are shimmering. My vehicle entrance fee is $7 per car.

I am Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park, and this government shutdown is my time to shine.