Dear Josie,

After repeated instances of vandalism and abuse, I have taken the step of locking the Wikipedia article on our sex life. Although I have previously banned both your user account and your home IP address, malicious edits have continued, both anonymously and from newly registered users “alanequalswanker” and “ooohImabigimportantadmin.”

I know that’s you, Josie.

Neutral point of view is a fundamental principle of Wikipedia, and no one with a neutral perspective could claim that, over the six months during which we were engaged in a sexual relationship, my performance was “lackluster,” “uninspired,” or “noob-ish” (or, indeed, “noobian”). Nor could the physical intimacy we shared—which at the time you clearly found extremely satisfying—be objectively described as “unsettling [like] watching the films of David Lynch in a car without a working handbrake while parked near the edge of a cliff.”

As a result of edits like these, I have been made to repeatedly revert the article to previous versions, where, you might remember, you described the physical act of love between us as “better than [you] imagined [possible],” “really sweet,” and “well-intentioned.”

Locking the article has also become necessary to prevent the constant reinsertion of a section with the heading “Like a Cowardly Slug That’s Just Spotted a Pile of Salt,” detailing at length the uncharacteristically unsatisfying night we shared in a Paris hotel last summer. As I made clear several times on the talk page of our sex life, that was a completely unrepresentative occasion and is therefore excluded from the article on the basis of a lack of notability.

I’m sorry that it has been necessary for this article to become one of only a handful of fully protected articles editable only by administrators, but Wikipedia is a serious and worthy endeavor, which you have repeatedly attempted to compromise by means of proxy IP addresses, puppet user accounts, and your bitch friend Carol. This juvenile behavior is unworthy of such a noble project.

Also, the article on “Your Vagina” now redirects to “Your Lonely, Aging Vagina.”

All the best,
Alan (admin)