Oh, boy. So, right off the bat: I’m sorry about this. If I could go back in time 59 days and say, Peter, don’t begin your Kickstarter today, I would. But I had no idea that my campaign would end on a day of national tragedy. Of course, if I had access to a time machine, I’d also go back 24 hours and warn everyone in Sunny Valley, Kansas. (#PrayForSunnyValley). But, I can’t do that either. So, I’m asking you to please consider giving any amount that you can to the Kickstarter to fund my animated short Fart Toads.

We’re 90% of the way there. I mean, it’s not just me that’s in on this, if you think that’s the case. Bob, Teena, and Raul are helping to bring Fart Toads to life. I know all three of them have changed their profile pictures to those giant “SV”s with black ribbons on them and I haven’t yet, but I promise I will, tomorrow. Right now, I have to keep it as Atlas, the main character of Fart Toads (the strongest toad), holding a massive burrito.

I’m so close to making this happen. It’s just totally stalled since around 10:15 this morning, when CNN announced the Sunny Valley Mall was going into lockdown.

See, the thing with Fart Toads is that at its core it’s a tale of acceptance and tolerance. A lot of people suffer from gastrointestinal issues. So, I’m adding another reward level of $40 today. Anyone that pledges $40 will get a Fart Toads decal for his or her car with Adonis (the vain toad) farting out “coexist” made out of all those different religious symbols. There isn’t an image of it yet, but I promise we’ll make it.

I hope everyone is seeing this. I keep bumping my notices up on Facebook, but people changing their profile pictures are continuously pushing my posts down. Not to mention everyone that’s expressing their rage at the shooting, and our government’s inability to do anything about gun violence time and time again. And, yeah, all that sucks, it’s just that, last night when I went to bed, it looked like a sure thing that come September we’d be deep into animating the way Artemis (the girl toad) is able to gain super-jumps when she farts.

Look, I started drawing Fart Toads when I was in seventh grade and I have eight hours left to get the word out to make it to my goal and… Oh, no. Every major city is going to have a public moment of silence in three hours. Okay, that’s fine. Silence is good. You don’t have to speak to click on the “Donate” button. Hell, use your phone as a light instead of a candle for the prayer ceremony. I didn’t even mention the Fart Toads iPhone case is available as a premium for a $50 pledge!

In six months, no one is going to remember that Fart Toads was fully funded on this terrible day. Hell, in six months people won’t even remember what day the “Slaughter in Sunny Valley” happened, but they will be looking forward to us posting our first episode on www.animatedfarttoads.com. That is, if we can raise another 10%. Have you looked at our teaser trailer lately? It’s gotten a lot of hits on YouTube — we just need to convert those views to investors!

You might think I’m selfish, but I’m honestly only trying to think of the 3,583 people that have already donated. They all saw the animated gif of the evil Dr. Gusto Testinal in his Battle Armor shitting himself and thought this was a worthy investment; they’re all counting on you. That’s another 3,583 people that you’d be letting down on top of me if this doesn’t go through. That’s like, twenty times more people than were shot today! Oh god. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. I’m sorry.

But, please click on the link. Please?