“Allegheny County Community College Journeyman”

“Hey Mister, Can You Spare a Desk Copy?”

“Incident On I-95 (I Will Be Late for Class)”

“I Can’t Remember Your Name, Girl in the Second Row (Wendy?)”

“I’m Gonna Get Fired”

“2nd Semester Corporate Buy-Out”

“From Little Mistakes, Failing Grades Come”

“Columbus Day, My Living Room (30 Papers to Grade)”

“Adam Earned a C-”

“Because the Night Belongs to Lesson Plans”

“Blinded By the SmartBoard Projector”

“You Can Glance Around (But You’d Better Not Cheat)”

“Workin’ On the Curricula”

“It’s So Hard to Stay Awake in the Fourth Class of the Day”

“Land of Scope and Themes”

“If I Should Fall Behind (My Sub Plans are in My Mailbox)”

“Darkness On the Edge of Campus Where the Adjuncts Have to Park”