That one with the redhead from south Firenze, what was her name?, Gretchen. Yeah. A great time. Fun girl.

The one with the twins from Padua, when he snuck outside the city wall and met them beyond the grove, but their dad found all three of them rolling around by that big oak, and oh man, he was not pleased. Even so, definitely worth it.

3 May 1469, born.

Homecoming, with Molly Borgia. Very tense, very important, but she was nice, you know?

Dinner and a street performance with Dolores Medici, though afterward he always felt that he had used her.

Formals, senior year, when the super-hot blonde chick who lived with her aunt on the Ponte Vecchio actually said yes! I mean, he didn’t score, but it was a hell of a date.

The time with the entire Bologna U. girls fencing team. Jesus, that was a once in a lifetime deal. Sore for days.

22 June 1527, died.

Well, the one with Ferdinand of Aragon, I guess, though for different reasons. But it was just a real crazy time for him, his ‘experimental’ phase, and anything was fair game then.

With Catherine Sforza, though she still claims it wasn’t really a ‘date.’

The best one, outright, near the end of the summer with Francesca in San Casciano, before he moved away, a long evening, but they really just talked, and it was so quaint, and he grabbed those flowers from the side of the abbey, and there was a half-moon, and he gave her his frock to keep the chill away, and before they knew it the sun was coming up, and they just held hands and strolled, and both smiled, and both suppressed their pounding hearts, until they were back by her place, and that kiss, wow, that last kiss must’ve lasted an hour, continuously, so soft and warm, and that was it, that was everything there was, and it didn’t matter after that, because they’d both felt it, and they never forgot it, and he never had to wonder again what they meant by the word bliss.