The Beach Babies

Iron Caterpillar

Guns ‘n’ Seeds

The Grateful Not Feeling So Good

Watching Crows Fly By and Idly Wondering How Many There Are

Alice Experimenting With Light BDSM

The Mild Altercation

The Regional


What Are Those Large Figures?

The Musicians Who Just Met


¿Dónde Está la Cosa?

The Drug Trials and Funding Grants

Getting Really Fucking Sick of These Pumpkins

Carelessness with Matches While Playing Video Games at the Mall

- - -


The Beach Boys; Iron Butterfly; Guns ‘n’ Roses; The Grateful Dead; Counting Crows; Alice In Chains; The Clash; The National; MGMT; They Might Be Giants; The Band; Phish; Yo la Tengo; The Cure; Smashing Pumpkins; Arcade Fire.