“Offensive coordinator Mike Kafka to call plays for New York Giants.” — ESPN

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Trap the Running Back

The quarterback takes the snap and pitches to the running back. The offensive linemen then sprint behind the line of scrimmage and encircle the running back so that he is unable to move.

Futile-Escape Route

The quarterback lines up under center. The wide receiver goes in motion then sprints off the field and through the tunnel to the stadium gates—which are locked and unable to be opened by the security guards, even though they are holding the keys. (This play can also be designed with an “option route” in which the receiver is able to escape the stadium but is then refused reentry.)

Abandon the Quarterback

After the quarterback takes the snap, the center and other offensive linemen race to either sideline, leaving the quarterback profoundly alone in the center of the field.

Wide Receiver in the Hole

In this trick play, a wide receiver who has spent the entire season living in a hole beneath the field emerges from the hole, catches a pass, and then returns to the hole. Deep beneath the field surface, the receiver removes his helmet and begins to gnaw on the ball in a rodent-like manner.

Reverse Punt

Players line up in a traditional punt formation, but upon receiving the snap from the center, the punter rotates 180 degrees and punts the ball toward the team’s own end zone. (This play is similar to the “Reverse Hail Mary,” in which the quarterback turns around and makes a last-second desperate heave toward his own end zone. )

Arrest the Tight End

The tight end stands at the line of scrimmage, expecting to run a slant route, but before the quarterback even snaps the ball, security rushes onto the field and arrests the tight end without any explanation. (Option: The tight end is allowed back onto the field for the subsequent play, only to be arrested again.)

Train-Schedule Audible

Quarterback reads the defense and calls out an improvised “audible” play that is not an actual football play but rather a list of train departure times that has no meaning whatsoever for the other offensive players.

Quarterback Kind Request

Upon receiving the snap, the quarterback takes no action but merely gazes at the football in his hands with wonder, as though he is seeing it for the first time and cannot fathom why it is of such great interest to the other players and hordes of screaming fans. As the defensive linemen approach, the quarterback asks his opponents why they are so anxious to tackle him and kindly requests that they let him be for a bit. (Option: The quarterback asks the approaching defensive lineman whether they would like to discuss the situation on the sideline over a cup of warm tea.)

End-Around and Around

Much like a typical end-around, only instead of running forward, the receiver attempts to complete a full circle around the line of scrimmage.

Goal-Line Refusal

The offense, on the precipice of scoring a touchdown, simply refuses to proceed with the game. All players stand motionless until the fans have given up and left the stadium.