1) Check stocks and order common supplies (diagnostic lab and washroom)
Check liquid nitrogen tank (56-820) and order refills

2) Autoclave eppendorf tubes
Autoclave pipette tips (get replacement trays so we don’t have to hand load trays)
Autoclave disposable tissue grinders

3) Clean out the common hoods (16-844, 844a, 828) as needed and take to washroom
Fill 70% ethanol bottles and Wescodyne bottles (make proper dilutions). Place in common (by) hoods (16-844, 844a, 828)

4) Empty autoclave trash in common areas (16-844, 844a, 828) as needed and take to washroom

5) Sink areas picked up and clean, stocked with paper towels (except 16-868, 876)
Check that eyewash is being flushed and recorded once a week in each lab

6) Clean balance area, clean balances. Accost those who misuse the balances and leave the area dirty.

7) Make PBS, sterile and non sterile. Maintain a stock of 10 100ml bottles and 2 500ml bottles

8) Make flasks with brucella broth. Maintain a stock of 8-10 flasks (150ml/flask)

9) Remove full sharps containers from common areas (16-844, 844a, 828) and take to appropriate pickup area (8th floor lobby of building 16, outside the washrooms) and replace with new container

Laboratory jobs will rotate every week. Most jobs need to be done only once a week with casual checking.

There are 9 jobs listed above and approximately 18 people to call upon. Therefor, no one should be overburdened.

If you are away and cannot do your job, make arrangements with someone else. I don’t want to hear about it.

Jason, Ernie, and Myriam are totally responsible for the histology and necropsy area.

Charlie and Ellen are totally responsible for the diagnostic lab, ELISA wash solution and their respective work areas.

Zhongming is totally responsible for making up the 50X TAE buffer.

Charlie, Ellen and Myriam are responsible responsible for running the autoclave.