Sticky Digits

A game of strength in which each pledger’s digits are tested for maximum stickiness. While it’s assumed by outsiders that the winner of this game is the subject with the stickiest fingers, it’s quite the opposite — the person with the least sticky finger wins a fantastic prize of homemade Turkish Delights.


Not too dissimilar for the local hug-o-thon you probably attend on the weekends, except for the very intense emphasis placed on the levels of pleasure placed on the hugger and huggee alike. How confident are you in your hugging skills now? Better practice on your dad again.

Banana Party

If you’re allergic to, or scared of, bananas, you do not want to be part of this banana party. Banana Party is a complicated game in which a student has to fit as many bananas in his body as possible. This is a no-limits game and bananas can be consumed and/or hidden by any means necessary.


Who can slap the most? Who can slap the hardest? Whose slap has the most passion? How many slaps can you slap before you’re slapped out? There is only one winner (two hands) in the game of Slaps!

Corduroy Fists

Contrary to the somewhat confusing name, Corduroy Fists is actually an incredibly hard game of mental stamina where you’re tested on a plethora of categories ranging from foreign politics to geography. The real question is “why is this game called Corduroy Fists?”

Knuckle Pie!

You probably don’t want to know what goes into Knuckle Pie. Okay, it involves knuckles.

The Stretchiest Mouth

When a mouth is measured by circumference, depth, elasticity, and radius, you’re going to have to pray that your talk-hole’s resilience meets the harsh standards of the frat house. Better start stretching.

Thirst 4 Beer

How bad is your thirst for beer? Is it great? Is it stronger than the person’s to your left?

Cigarette Eat-Off

The record currently sits at 190 cigarettes.

Cow Crossing

Who has the time or patience to wait for sixty cows to cross a busy street? We’ll find out!

Angriest Man

Is it Chris? Is it Stan? Is it Kevin? Is it Dan? Is it Ryan? Who’s the angriest?! Who is the most angry man?!