Spookiest Ghost Currently Haunting a Broadway Theater

Longest Entrance Applause for a Famous Actor Who Decided to Be on Broadway This Year

Most Amount of Exposition Crammed Into One Song

Best Dream Sequence (Look, We All Know at Least One Show Did a Dream Sequence This Year)

Longest Restroom Line During an Intermission

Most Amount of Conflict Between Characters That Could Have Been Resolved Through a Tiny Bit of Communication

Best Incorporation of an Inanimate Object Into a Musical Number

Best Musical Adaptation of a Movie That Nobody Ever Asked to Be a Musical

Most Stressed-Out Stage Manager

Sleepiest Dad in the Audience of a Broadway Show

Largest Collection of Playbills Kept in a Box Under the Bed

Actor Most Obviously Doing This Just to Complete Their EGOT

Most Convincing Background Busywork on Stage

Audience Member With the Crinkliest Bag of Candy

Least Annoying Breaking of the Fourth Wall

Most Staircases in a Broadway Set

Seat with the Most Obstructed View That Still Somehow Costs Over $200

Placeholder Award for Lin-Manuel Miranda in Case He Writes a Show This Year