DJ: I’m sorry for when she starts potty training.

- - -

Jo: Ladies and gentleman, the miracle papaapa…of thanksgiving.

- - -

Da: DJ, just a minute. Joey, is the living room ready for an inspection?

Jo: Yes, you neurotic compulsiveness.

- - -

Je: You, popopopoo.. are a moron.

- - -

Jo: Don’t worry Danny. I’ll stand guard here in case any dust tries to settle. Oh, I felt so good.

- - -

Da: We did again.

Je: Surfing..

Da: Boy, we’re mediocre.

Jo: Hey, girls.

DJ: Hi, *.

- - -

St: Some Beach Boy. He called from a limo right in our driveway. I told’im no one was going.

DJ: Wait.

Je: Hold it.

DJ: Wait. Wait.