Nov. 20 – 11 p.m.
After several weeks of courtship, I have established a partnership with a human male. In a brief yet giddy discussion, relationship was determined to be “boyfriend-girlfriend.” Having spent the majority of my adult life single, I find this new pairing most intriguing.

Boyfriend’s build is appealing—could be described as having “meat on his bones.” Recently, I discovered that both he and I are inclined to wear button-ups. His typically are one size larger than mine, with bolder colors. However, sometimes I wonder if we will arrive at a restaurant one day wearing the very same one. What a sight that would be! And if we are matching, who is to say that is wrong?

My mind swirls with the possibility, but it behooves me to focus on the present. I remain alert to new findings as I engage in this romantic alliance.

Dec. 17 – 6 p.m.
I arrived home from work. Upon opening the bathroom door, I noticed something unusual: a toilet seat, raised. There was only the bowl, like a wide, gaping mouth. I paused and looked around. What on earth? It was then I realized: my boyfriend was here.

He spent the night and stayed sleeping while I left for work. When he awoke, he must have engaged in his business, lifting not only the toilet seat cover but also, interestingly, the seat itself.

I was left to wonder: What is the toilet’s natural state? Must the seat necessarily be down, as it has always been in my apartment? Or could it rest upright? Perhaps when I next visit my boyfriend, I will lift the seat before leaving the bathroom, as that is his custom.

Jan. 9 – 11:30 p.m.
Ate gloriously messy fried chicken with my boyfriend this evening at a fast-casual café.

I took the chance to wear a floral button-up, knowing he may wear one similar, as I have observed such a shirt in his collection. But as it happened, he wore a light blue T-shirt, cotton, with a pair of denim pants (jeans). It was quite to my liking.

Whether we one day will match outfits by happy chance remains to be seen.

Jan. 26 – 12:05 a.m.
Boyfriend visited this evening. After he arrived, he withdrew an artifact from his knapsack: A brand-new Oral-B toothbrush. Smiling, he said, “Could I keep this at your place?” “A-ha,” I thought, for I had learned of this toothbrush phenomenon in films and magazines. Placing a toothbrush at a partner’s apartment seems to represent future intentions to spend the night and maintain oral hygiene. How thrilling to participate in this intimate toothbrush ritual.

Feb. 4 – 3:25 p.m.
Visited boyfriend last night. After removing my shoes, I stepped with him to the bathroom, gazed into his eyes, and ceremonially lowered my toothbrush into his toothbrush cup. Fascinatingly, even as I commit to regular brushing, I sense I am more willing than in the first months of dating to reveal my filthiness to my boyfriend (a loose tissue here or there, stovetop residue).

Feb. 15 – 4 p.m.
Went for a walk with my friend who is married, which, I have learned, means she and her partner have committed to one another for life (oh my). They have gone so far as to share one home.

She asked if I needed ideas for “couples’ activities.” She and her husband have taken classes on making all manner of delicacies, from cheese and chocolate to pasta and brick-oven pizza. “I can send you some links,” she said.

I mentioned these classes to another partnered friend; she had taken several, including one on making flatbread that had a murder mystery theme. All this time, it seems, friends with romantic partners were taking food-preparation classes. I have entered an exciting new realm.

March 1 – 12:15 p.m.
Boyfriend and I were preparing pasta for dinner, and he stated he was willing to try my vegetarian meat substitute in the tomato sauce.

As I sprinkled the soy protein concentrate into a pan to sauté, I observed him nod and sniff with interest. At the table, he took a bite of the pasta and sauce, chewed, swallowed, and took another bite until every last bit of his portion was gone. I felt gratification, for this meal I had until now cooked only for myself was, in fact, pleasing to another person. I could even eat it at a table, rather than on my bed, out of a mixing bowl. Though on nights he isn’t here, I will admit that I continue to eat in such a manner.

March 14 – 3:30 p.m.
Last night, I rang my boyfriend’s doorbell. What should I see when he arrived but a button-up the same as mine. A black-and-white spotted button-up for both of us. We took a selfie. How good it feels to find that another individual has decided to wear the very same button-up as you, at the exact same time.