Concentrate and Kegel.

Yes, definitely order a size up.

Without a doubt, your GI doc will find something interesting in your colon.

It is certain you will be both premenstrual and perimenopausal at the same time.

Brain is hazy, you will forget to ask again later.

Outlook not so good for fitting into those jeans again.

My reply is no, keto won’t save you.

My sources say no, your tween children do not wish to be seen in public with you.

Yes, your only predictable flow this month will come from sneezing with stress incontinence.

Better not tell you now, but acne after 40 is a thing.

Don’t count on it… “it” being social security.

Ask again later but do you really want to know?

Most likely dimmer bathroom lighting would help your self-esteem.

Cannot predict now if this is covered by your deductible.

You may rely on it, orthotics are in your future.

It is decidedly so: tweezers will become your most prized possession.

Very doubtful your HSA reimbursement covers cosmetic fillers.

Outlook good for embarrassing yourself at cross-fit.

As I see it, yes, you will need ibuprofen after cleaning the bathtub.

Signs point to yes, the man bun is the new comb-over.