Letters From Friends Who Drink Heavily But Want to Split The Check Equally

Letters From Bus Drivers Who Make Eye Contact In Their Rearview As They Pull Away While You Chase the Bus

Letters From Dads Who Call It Babysitting When They’re Watching Their Own Kids

Letters From People Who Take Up Two Parking Spaces at Trader Joes

Letters From People Who Call When You Text Them

Letters From UPS Guys Who Leave Your Packages In the Bushes

Letters From Vending Machines That Eat Your Money

Letters From Professors Who Still Failed You Even Though You Were Dating

Letters From Small Dogs Who Wag Their Tail Then Try to Bite You

Letters From Your iPhone Battery As It Goes From 100 to 2 Percent In 5 Minutes

Letters From the “For Customers Only” Sign On the Restroom Door

Letters From Retail Employees Who Say “That Looks Great On You” Really Sarcastically

Letters From Bartenders Who Put Way Too Much Ice In Your Drink

Letters From Kids Who Leave Boogers Under Their Desk at School

Letters From Moms Who Dress Their Babies In Shirts That Say MY MOM IS COOL

Letters From Coworkers Who Stole Your Lunch

Letters From Men Who Cut You Off In Traffic Then Drive Really Slow

Letters From People Who Rush Into the Elevator Before Anyone Has Gotten Off

Letters From Roommates Who Leave Half a Cereal Bowl’s Worth of Milk In the Carton

Letters From People Who Call Their Waitress “Hun”