st00pid horse got lost in the woods & now it’s snowing. kill me

carrying bae’s <3 in my <3

im nobody. ‘sup, nobodies in my dms

f u @paulrev_patriots im tryin 2 sleep

My candle burns @ both ends
ISO personal assistant. DM me

imo @abe_15 is the best pres.
don’t @ me i know he’s dead

my girl is def hotter than a summer’s day #fire #soextra

nightingales are cool af

Let America Be America Again > MAGA #starbucks

bro it rained on
my red wheelbarrow

trees are lovely please RT

this raven flew in & its not leaving wtf

Homage to those hips at Beychella #spinhimlikeatop

i saw the best minds of my generation staring @ their phones looking 4 an angry fix

How do I love thee: deep & wide & tall (1/8)

Ugh my dad i literally can’t even

Check my insta for a fresh selfie of a sufi

#lifehack when u r sad think abt flowers

280 characters and a song of despair = Twitter amirite