Please read all questions before completing the quiz.

1. If there were originally 2 class gerbils in Ms. Henderson’s second grade class, and then Ms. Henderson adopted a frog for the terrarium in the back of the classroom, how many total class pets are there?

2. Now, if one of the class gerbils died, how many class pets remain?

3. If the average life expectancy for a gerbil is 2.5 years and Nibbler, the former class gerbil, lived for 4 years, by how many years did Nibbler outlive the average gerbil?

4. If Nibbler enjoyed eating Fruit Gushers at a rate of 1 gusher every 30 seconds, and it takes 20 Fruit Gushers for the toxicity level of Blue Dye-22 to reach fatal levels in a gerbil, how many minutes into recess did it take for Nibbler to permanently scar every student in Ms. Henderson’s class?

5. And how many class pets does it take to teach Henry not to place his Fruit Gushers Snack Pack within reach of the cage?

6. Because Nibbler lay on his back, with his paws spread out equally to both sides, his body formed an isosceles triangle. If Nibbler had instead lay on his side, with no two lines of his body equal, what kind of triangle would Nibbler have formed instead?

7. This was not Nibbler’s first brush with death. If Mark feeds Nibbler on Tuesday, Wendy feeds Nibbler the day before Mark, Abby feeds Nibbler two days after Wendy, and Peter feeds Nibbler on the last day of the week, on which day does Ms. Henderson discover Nibbler curled up in a corner crying for food?

8. While Nibbler is no longer with us in the classroom, we will always remember Nibbler in our hearts. For some of us, Nibbler will live on in Gerbil Heaven. For others, Nibbler will decompose in the ground. Based on these two sentences alone, how many angry emails from your parents will be sent to Ms. Henderson?

9. Nibbler leaves a large sawdust hole to fill. If 10 students voted for the next class pet to be a rabbit, and 14 students voted for a lizard, how many votes did Ms. Henderson have to remove to ensure that she would not be stuck feeding an animal live crickets over summer vacation?

10. Given how little teachers are paid, how strongly is Ms. Henderson considering trying to feed the new rabbit the left-over gerbil food rather than having to buy an entirely new bag of food?

11. Now that you have read all the instructions, just write your name on the test and hand it in. This was actually a test of how well you follow directions.