We changed the notification sound to a man screaming into the ocean.

We added a helpful bot that will automatically remind you each morning that you are isolated from the world.

If you post a recipe and nobody acknowledges it for over an hour, we will reply with a message thanking you and that it “looks yummy.”

There are new away status updates, including Sitting on the Toilet Even Though I Don’t Have to Use It Right Now.

We fixed a bug where some users couldn’t leave a channel and instead would get a pop-up message saying, “You cannot run from your past.”

Creating a poll has never been easier. They now automatically populate whenever you press any key.

We added a Dread mode that creates a badge notification you cannot clear. Every time you see it, you’ll think, “What new horror lurks behind that red orb?”

We fixed a bug where a person named “Buff Tony” would randomly enter workspaces and post erotic pictures of the green M&M. Again, our apologies.

Whenever somebody spends over 45 seconds composing a message, the typing notification will say, Oh boy, this oughta be good…

Good news, management! You will now get notified if there are private channels discussing plans to unionize.

We understand there isn’t much separation between your personal and work life these days, which is why we now display your manager’s name as either “Mom” or “Dad.”

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened: Giphy searches now have a greater chance of yielding clips of Richard Kind.

We fixed a bug where it appeared that only one co-worker joined your #russian-lit-book-club channel.

Enter the command/report to get interesting stats on your Slack usage. For example, “You’ve spent more time in the past week writing to relative strangers about Jira tasks than you will spend in your entire life writing to your loved ones.”

We added a porcupine emoji!