1. Formerly based in New York.

2. Has no love for his offspring.

3. Has startlingly thin women in his inner circle.

4. Takes issue with women menstruating.

5. Holds pinnacle events at YMCA camps, landscaping company back lots, or office parks.

6. Stars in a serial television program that capitalizes on past reputation.

7. Has a history of running companies into the ground.

8. Disagreements lead to relentless litigation.

9. Polo shirts.

10. Wishes society would normalize sleeping with underage girls.

11. Terrible subgroup names (e.g., Space Force or DOS).

12. Makes staff listen to middle-of-the-night ramblings.

13. Separates children from parents.

14. Has a preoccupation with branding.

15. Will not admit defeat.

- - -

Keith Raniere (NXIVM Sex Cult Leader): 1-15
Donald Trump (Outgoing President of the United States): 1-15