The following is a list of titles of memoirs about writers and reporters at The New York Times.

- - -

To Sleep With Angier: Under the Covers with Natalie Angier

Shortz, Stop! — Ten Years of Abuse at the Hands of Will Shortz, Crossword Puzzle Editor of the New York Times

Sex, Lyall, and Videotape: Creating Amateur Erotica with Sarah Lyall

Yellin’ and Cryin’ and Makin’ Up When It’s All Over: My Tumultuous Affair with Emily Yellin

Goodnough for Me: How I Gave Up Looking for Ms. Right and Found Ms. Abby Goodnough

Pierre! Pierre! — A Life of Longing, Longing with Garry Pierre-Pierre

Love Thy Niebuhr: Hot Nights with Gustav Niebuhr

I Feel Purdy: My First Time with Todd Purdham

Alex What I Sees! Getting Down to Business with Alex Kuczynski

Sheer Pandemona: My Bizarre Marriage to Anenoma Hartocollis

Never Say Niebuhr Again: Finding the Strength to Leave Gustav Niebuhr

Margo, Margoing, Margone: Loving and Losing Margo Jefferson

I Wuv Wu: Life with Sheryl Wu Dunn

Frank and Beans: The Unquenchable Desire and Chronic Digestive Problems of Frank Rich

Raines, Raines, Go Away: On Being Stalked by Howell Raines

Bang the Drummond Slowly: Teaching B. Drummond Ayres Jr. How to Love

Somini Sengupta, So Little Time: My Love Affair with Somini Sengupta, and How it Was Cut Tragically Short

Once More, With Gustav: My Passionate Reunion with Gustav Niebuhr