Not sure how that happened. I did not think my personal stuff was connected to this. So strange. And just a note, this is not my main bank account. I know it probably looks like a scarily low amount to have in my savings.

Anyway. One second while I try to get this working. Sorry, I know this is super annoying. I can never find the button. Would love for one person to go off of mute and help.

Shit, all right. Sam? It looks like I just Venmo’d you $20. I do not know how that happened. I’m honestly going to need that back. It’s sort of a big deal for me to lose that this week.

Just let me know whenever you can undo or cancel that.

Again, if anybody could go off mute and help me with this, I would seriously appreciate it.

I’m going to close some of these tabs. Not even sure if you can see them. It’s just a lot to have up here and I don’t want you looking at them. They’re mostly food delivery sites. Not from just today. Like, over a few weeks. Which part of my screen are you seeing?

Oh. Okay, I somehow just made my parents call all of you. I’m really sorry. They take a long time on phone calls, so the odds are high that you’ll be stuck on that for a bit. I guess on the bright side, they’ll have something to do. I’m sure you can mute yourself for that, too. Joking.

In all seriousness, if they ask you for money, please do not send it to them.

Let me try to… hmm. Maybe I can do this.

Okay. No. Honest to God, I’m unsure how to work this. Anne, I don’t know how, but I think I actually just walked to USPS and overnighted some old McDonald’s toys to you. I know you don’t have kids and won’t have any use for those. I’m really sorry I did that. I thought I was trying to share my screen.

Yeah, just confirming I did ship that. It cost me $35 because I had a lot of them. Could you actually maybe Venmo me back for that? At this point, I’m hemorrhaging assets that I badly need.

Well, I am now somehow completely locked out of my computer. Assuming you can still hear me. I’m going to dial in with my phone.

Great. I’m back in, can you hear me? I just need one person to verbally acknowledge that this call is happening. Please.

Richard, looks like you sent “jt” in the chat. Not sure if that was an accident or if I should be decoding that. You can chime in anytime to help clear that up.

All right, I’m looking at the call on my other computer.

Weird. Does anybody know who “Yark’s Coffee WiFi” is? They keep leaving and rejoining the call over and over. Can we get that to stop happening? Also, can anyone hear me or see my screen.

Now I’m seeing “Yark’s Coffee Wifi Guest 5G” is also joining, leaving, and rejoining at double the rate. Not sure if I’m the only one seeing that.

Starting to feel like I have totally lost track of time. Does anybody have the time? I can’t see the time on my computer. It’s covered up and I can’t move anything on my screen. I’m going to take my computer with me and check the clock in my living room. Really sorry, ya’ll.

Shit. Absolutely shit. Anne, I’m in your house now. There is no way for me to justify this. I did not mean to interrupt your personal life and see your SpongeBob pajama bottoms. I feel so bad. I’m going to try to go back to my house through that room I was in. Thank you for letting me use your clock. This is embarrassing.

Huh. I’m locked out of that room.

Oh. Wow, I just turned around and it doesn’t even look like I’m in this dimension at all anymore. There is definitely a lot warped about my perception of the space I’m in and I have no concept of my reality whatsoever. Hoping some of you can still hear me.

I’m actually noticing now that my physical body isn’t really here. I feel sort of — floating. Are you guys seeing this? Or, I don’t know. Are you guys around? Not sure how to track down my “screen” or if that concept even flies at this point.

I think I muted myself. I’m trying to press the spacebar with my mind, if that makes sense. Let me know when my audio’s back.

Okay, now… I am feeling sort of one with the universe, if that tracks?

Like, one in the same. Indistinguishable from existence at large.

Whoa, some of those Venmo refunds just came through. Not sure how money works here but thank you so much for that.

Anyway. I’m getting a strong sense that I don’t need to communicate in my present form, so, going to sort of just “be” in an undefined pool of energy for eternity. Let me know if this makes sense.

That’s it for me, everyone.

Thanks for joining.


Really quick: how do I leave the meeting?