[NOTE: Because this is the world we live in,
we feel it necessary to point out that this is a work of satire.]

- - -

This is an open casting call for crisis actors in upcoming UNTITLED FALSE FLAG ATTACK (Revised Roles).

LOCATION: New York or Washington (depending on target availability, creative development)
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Elements of United States intelligence community

STORYLINE — Foreign Islamist paramilitary group (to be determined later) launches unsuccessful, yet visually stirring attack on government or prominent private sector installation to rationalize domestic arms control and emergency martial law.

Please submit all actors regardless of disability, race, age, color, national origin, or ethnic background, unless specifically indicated otherwise! Do not submit actors previously cast at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Orlando, or any previous American government-produced attack. (Foreign conspiracies okay!)


ALI BAKH-RAMIDE [formerly written as ALAN HARRIN, mentally unstable loner] — 43, leader of TBD Arab terrorist cell with mission to enslave decent, hardworking citizens under Islamofacist Sharia law. Will lead authorities on week-long manhunt through several East Coast states. Arabic skills a plus but not necessary. Must have outward, sinister dark complexion. Please come with facial hair!! LEAD.

RACHEL CARVER — 20, breathtaking blond with wholesome vibe, tragically killed in initial blast, early stages of shooting spree, or hostage situation gone wrong. High school graduation photo will be used extensively on national media. Very prominent casualty! RECURRING.

NOAH KLEPPINGER — 38, parent of slain, beautifully innocent child. DO NOT SUBMIT TALENT UNCOMFORTABLE TESTIFYING BEFORE CONGRESS. Please send to us any previously-recorded tape of emotional sobbing interspersed with clearly articulated arguments for strict gun control. RECURRING.

DEAD BODY #1 — open to ages 25-30, must convey sense of tragic lost potential and evoke stirring emotions through body language. GUEST STAR.

Please note our ONLY SESSION will take place on Thursday, May 18th as that is the only day we will have Jake Tapper in the room for chemistry readings.

PLEASE SIGN NDA before downloading the script!! We can’t afford to cancel again last minute like what happened with the Bowling Green project.